The Club

The University of Waterloo Swing Dance Club promotes Swing dancing in Kitchener-Waterloo. We offer weekly sessions for students to dive in and get excited about the social aspects of the dance as well as the technique. Our focus is to teach this dance in a relaxed, playful, and student-friendly environment - if you have a question about anything at all, just ask!

Founded in 1998, the UW Swing Club has been the source of many Kitchener-Waterloo swing dancers. Our executive team has had experience dancing in Waterloo as well as traveling to other local dance scenes in Hamilton, London, and Toronto, and farther away in Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Asheville, and Utrecht to bring new ideas to the lessons. We have also collectively attended local and international workshops and events with some of the world's greatest swing dancers. We highly encourage club members to travel to meet as many dancers as possible.

Our goals and values

As a University of Waterloo club with activities oriented toward dance-curious people, we want to help students get exposed to swing dancing and related styles of dance, encourage an active and social lifestyle and ultimately, connect the dancing community on campus to the ones in the larger Kitchener-Waterloo area.

In order to achieve these goals, we will promote values such as joy, seeking a positive experience in each dance; discipline, promoting a structure in the class and in the way we teach and apply techniques; community, supporting an inclusive approach to swing dancing at the University level and at large and respect, accepting each student as a different person, with different background, ease and expertise in dance as well as recognizing the limits of the body and discouraging hazardous moves.

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The Team

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